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Dispositivo Viuing
Dispositivo Viuing

Created to let you see what you can’t see.

Viuing is a new device designed to allow spectators, fans and followers (in other words, you!) to experience 100% the events and ensure that you don’t miss out on any of those great moments that will go down in history.

Based on TV technology, Viuing retransmits everything that happens at the event in real time and without delays on your screen, so that you see absolutely everything.


Open the screen.
It all starts here.

Once Viuing is opened, you’ll begin to receive the TV signal. The event now becomes a full experience. No delays, no downtime. With Viuing, you’ll see every second of the event as if you were in front of your TV at home, with the added excitement of experiencing it live.

Purchase it

Purchase it

In our website and pick it up the day of the race.

Enjoy it

Enjoy it

Open it and Viuing will turn on all by itself. It’s that easy.

Experience it

Experience it

Now is the time to see and enjoy absolutely everything.

You’ll be there

You’ll see it

You’ll experience it

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Barcelona, Spain